Three Days till first Game

17 Jun

It’s Tuesday today… so Friday is the first CFL Lions game here in BC Place! Unfortunately I couldn’t take work off, so I will be in the office until 1:30, and rush to get my hair and makeup ready for 3pm on-field rehearsal (we have to come ready as there is literally no time once practice starts)

I thought I’d write a post on my makeup and hair routine, that way I can also walk through what I’m doing myself!


Clean face- moisturize with Lush’s Mattefying moisturizer (no grease finish but really moisturizing and natural). Leave on for 10 minutes for it to really soak in/dry before doing the next step. 

Usually I would use Makeup Forever’s Primer, but I ran out! I went to Sephora and instead I picked up this new Urbay Decay Makeup Setting Spray so we’ll see how that works out instead :) 

Josie Maran Foundation- I love the natural look and also how hydrating it is with the Argan oil in there. It’s the only foundation that doesn’t leave my face with dry patches too. Then I’ll make sure to bring my MAC pressed powder foundation for touch-ups. 

Smashbox High Definition Concealer and then Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to make sure no creasing of eyeshadow! I also apply the primer on my (non-existent) eyebrows because it is SO much easier to fill them in with this underneath! The shadow really sticks to the areas I want, instead of spreading around. 

For the dramatic, on-field make up, I actually will start with black eyeliner and smudge it out with Urbay Decay Naked 2 Palette – the gray shade. So do the whole eyeshadow thing (I put ALOT of eyeshadow on, it just suits my eye shape). Then apply Urbay Decay 24/7 eyeliner, the pencil first, and then the liquid ontop of that to really stay put and give a dramatic finish. Then I’ll do the pencil liner on my water line and use the eyeshadow a tiny tiny bit underneath to line my eyes. Then I use Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter underneath my brows and on top of my cheekbones. 

Onto contouring! First I’ll actually do my nose. I know it’s kinda weird, but I use a different (clean, not the one you just used for eyes) eyeshadow brush and dip into my bronzer. Then I go down the sides of my nose and also a bit angle in to create a higher looking nose hahaha 

Then I take my Smashbox Bronzer brush and start from the sideburn area and buff in towards my face to create a sharp cheekbone look. Then bronzer underneath my jawline to make my neck appear slimmer.

Normally I use NARS Orgasm Illuminator, but I think for pictures it may be too shimmery. So I picked up this new Tarte blush that i will apply to apples of my cheeks. Then make sure you blend a lot! Finish with Too Face Primped and Primed Finishing Powder all over.

Lips are Smashbox lipstick! make sure you blot re-apply a couple times to make sure the color is really bled into your lips. 


Curl with curling wand and make sure you don’t forget the glove! Then spray with BigSexy Hair spray! 


Shimmery Bronzing lotion on top of shoulders and abs😀

OK I think that’s it! Let me know if I’m missing anything…😉

My Beauty Routine

14 May

After suffering from eczema my entire life, I hope I’ve finally found a skincare routine that works for me🙂 I hope this helps some others of you out there who are dealing with problem skin too.

Lush products are made naturally, and some specifically for eczema sufferers. I first bought the Dream Cream and Dream Wash and was hooked. Now my regimen is:


Wake up and oil pull with coconut oil while doing bathroomstuff😉 (I maybe do this once a week, but it depends)

Brush teeth using Lush Toothy Tabs (right now I’m using ChouChou I love You, but gonna experiment with different flavors)

Then I’ll drink a glass of warmish water with lemon (not too hot because it kills the lemon’s goodness). Sometimes if I don’t have lemon on hand I’ll just do water and then take a pack of antioxidant gel Reserve.

Wash face using Lush Ultraband – not everyday (I also use this to take off my makeup, especially because I wear a lot on game days, dance shows and modelling jobs)

Then I’ll use Lush serum Full of Grace (also note everyday cuz that shiz is expensive!). Sometimes I’ll just spritz a bit of Clarins toner on there instead.

Face moisturizer is either Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator (which I love esp. before putting on makeup) or Lush Celestial Moisturizer for most days when I leave a bare face.

On my legs where most of my eczema flares is behind the knees. I actually use the Full of Grace bar behind my knees everyday. Then I’ll put on a TON of Lush Dream Cream. I literally smear it on, wait for it to soak a bit, and put another layer. My skin gets unbelievably dry, so I’ve found this works for me. The Dream Cream creates almost like a barrier of moisture. Apparently eczema skin looses it’s moisture because the skin allows the moisture to leech out much fast than other healthier skin. The top layer is thinner than it should be. Hydration is definitely key.

Then I go to work from 8-5. This makes it tricky to reapply moisturizer on my legs. I’ve found Dream Cream is the only moisturizer that really keeps that moisture coat the longest.



On the days when after work I don’t have dance or some activity, I go home and use Lush Massage bars on my legs. I’ll use either Wiccy Magic Muscles (if I’m sore) or Hottie. The Wiccy has a nice cooling feel, but the red aduki beans are annoying after you use it a lot because they do fall out and get all over the place. Also, my sister absolutely hates the smell of this bar. So lately I’ve been using Hottie more. It’s a good basic bar.

I like these massage bars because they are solid and super thick and moisturizing. I leave it on all night, and will massage it in, if I”m watching a TV show while stretching.

Then I’ll shower with Dream Wash. This is how I use it because, again my legs are my problem area. I get in the shower, then I”ll actually turn the water off to lather the wash. I’ll take a bit of the wash and put it directly on my legs and let it soak in a tiny bit. Then I’ll turn the water back on and wash it off.

Whole body moisturizer is the Dream Cream.

Some nights when I feel particularly tired or I have some time, I’ll do a treatment on my feet. It’s so awesome to give yourself a foot massage every once in a while! I use Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion and massage that in. Sometimes I use plain ol’ coconut oil too! Just make sure you slip on some socks before walking around, otherwise you can expect oily foot prints all over your floor😉

Then before bed I put my feet up against the wall and let the blood drain from my feet. This improves circulation and claims the body for sleep.

I think that about covers it! I’ll note, I rarely do all this every single time. In fact most nights I get home from dance around 11pm and I just shower and moisturize and fall fast asleep

Leave comments or questions below! Thanks for reading🙂



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