An update

15 Apr

Hi! This past weekend was such a whirlwind… but honestly that’s nothing new. My weekends have been filled with projects, fashion shows, photoshoots and rehearsals for the Felions dance team. By the time Monday rolls around, it’s almost as if I didn’t have a weekend at all. It’s all been fun fun fun … until I crash Sunday night at 8pm.

The latest show was Vancity TRIBE. I walked for designer Sanam Dhoot, and it was such a cool dress. Simple white dress with copper tubing around the shoulders (see picture below):Image

Credits: Photographer Mark Lewis Exposure

The show was Friday night. The next morning, I had a booked a photoshoot with a Japanese kimono theme. I was really excited to play dress up and get in touch with my Asian-ness ;)


Credits: Photography Mark Teasdale

Hair and Make up: Luna Lin

Styling and Wardrobe: Sylvia Townson


It was a group shoot, which meant there were 6 models, and about 20 photographers. The photographers were grouped together and took turns shooting each model. Such a cool concept and really different outcomes from each photographer!


Photographer: Mau Vasq


Photographer: Norm Lee


You can see how the lighting and editing between photographers really produces unique pictures. So lucky to have been part of this project!


Now it’s back to the grind of working and school during the weekdays! I have my last two final exams of my undergrad this week, so wish me luck! If I pass*, I will convocate in May with my Bachelors of Commerce !





8 Apr

I’m so sleepy already! It’s only 10:30pm, but I’ve been studying for my finals for what seems like an eternity. So. much. content.  It’s ridiculous. 


But anyways. Random tidbits:

Back to work! I’m probably completely alone when I say, I enjoy Mondays. They are a new start to the week, and you have a chance to catch up on weekend gossip with co-workers

It also helps that I really love what I do, so I woke up bright-eyed and ready to tackle the day this morning. Even woke up a bit earlier and made steel-cut oats on the stovetop! It actually took forev-ah! Almost made me late, but it was worth it! This morning’s version was just plain, with water and a splash of almond milk. I sometimes will add in frozen blueberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and walnuts… options are endless! 


OK I’ve rambled on long enough. TIme to get this girl some sleep!



Sushi Lunch + An Almond Milk Discussion

7 Apr

There’s a pretty popular sushi joint in Vancouver, known for the size of their rolls. Personally, I find their imitation crab pretty smelly. Two words: not fresh. The only item I find worthwhile is the avocado roll. It is loaded with avocados, and at $2.95 per roll, the amount of avocado and rice makes it a win in my book.

Today for lunch, my sister decided to pick up lunch for us: avocado roll and 3 piece of salmon sashimi= the perfect lunch. Afterwards, we were both craving a sweet treat, so I whipped up (literally) an easy “ice-kreme”.


2 Frozen bananas

Handful of Frozen blueberries

splash of water (help our old blender out!)

*my parents have a Vita-mix, but we are stuck with a 10-year old Breville haha! It starts smoking after like, 2 minutes of trying to blend anything


Speaking of my parents, my dad makes homemade almond milk and brings it for me each week! He uses this recipe I sent him here:

My dad never strains it. Sounds gross, but I love the pulp! Drinking a cup of this when I get up in the morning is such a nice way to start the day. It’s also a great “after-dance-got-home-at-midnight-and-want-something-before-bed” treat. Sometimes I will heat it in a double broiler and whip some matcha powder and cinnamon into it. Other times, a simple nuke in the microwave does the trick. mmm super creamy and delicious.


Try it!



April Showers

6 Apr

Surprise! It’s raining in Vancouver… Another dreary Saturday morning. Or I guess afternoon by now. This morning I did my usual morning routine (another post!) and an extra long yoga practice in celebration of the weekend.

Random tidbits:

Took a hip hop class last night, routine was OFF!! So much energy, classes like that remind me why I love dance so much. Song:

I’ve definitely noticed a change in my dance/energy when I started switching my eating habits.

Maybe I’ll do a “day of meals” post in the near future…


I’ve been looking into doing a yoga teacher training retreat in a far off destination! Going to attend an info session about it later today.

Much happiness,




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